Vacation Rental Terms
50% security deposit required
    - Paid in advance to secure reservation
2 night minimum stay
    - Holiday weekends 3 night min
Weekend, mid-week, weekly and
monthly rental terms available
Dogs +$35 weekend / +$75 week ea.
(must be approved in advance)
Cancellation Policy:
    100% refund if we can re-rent your slot
    AND we are notified more than 60 days
    prior to your original scheduled arrival

Checks (Payable to Joyce Bussian) or
Cash Only Please
Rental Terms
Wolf River Getaway
Vacation Rental Rates
Want to Inquire about Availability?
Call (920) 982-0707 or email us at...
May - October
Prices subject to change with special conventions,
events, etc.
November - April
Call (920) 982-0707 to obtain rates for these months